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Our award-winning technology detects single RNA molecules in situ–a true breakthrough that opens up a world of new possibilities.

RNAscope® technology overcomes critical hurdles in the identification and validation of biomarkers for research, molecular diagnostics and companion diagnostics. With exceptional levels of sensitivity, specificity, and the ability to multiplex, ACD’s RNAscope® platform provides a new way of localizing and measuring RNA in situ. In addition, turnaround time for a new assay is reduced to less than three weeks, shortening the path to personalized medicine. These advantages make the technology a powerful tool to address the issue of patient and disease heterogeneity.

ACD’s RNAscope® assay technology is being adopted by a rapidly growing customer base, which includes world-leading academic institutions, cutting-edge biotechnology companies, and the global top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Explore the left menu to learn more about how our innovative RNA in situ hybridization technology can accelerate your research.

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