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The award-winning RNA in situ detection platform

Although ISH/FISH-based in situ RNA detection techniques have been around for years, they are largely ineffective. They lack robustness and sensitivity to reliably detect the expression of most human genes. Microarray and PCR provide useful molecular profiles of diseases, but clinically relevant information regarding cellular and tissue context, as well as spatial variation of the expression patterns, is lost in the process.  

RNAscope® in situ assays provides the first opportunity to profile single cell gene expression in situ, unlocking the full potential of RNA biomarkers. The targeted molecular signature of every cell in a sample is revealed and measured precisely, all within the intricate cellular and tissue architecture of clinical specimens. 

RNA in situ hybridization using RNAscope® technology is the only platform that has the sensitivity to detect every gene in the human transcriptome in situ, and to simultaneously quantify multiple mRNA transcripts at a single cell level. This represents a game-changing breakthrough previously unattainable by any other approach. RNAscope® assays make in situ hybridization easy and powerful!


Breakthrough technology for in situ RNA detection

RNAscope® is a novel multiplex nucleic acid in situ hybridization technology, based on ACD’s unique, patented probe design and signal amplification methodology. RNAscope® is alternative solution to outdated ISH/FISH in situ RNA detection techniques. In fact, it is the only clinically effective in situ RNA detection assay available today.

Features and Benefits of RNAscope® In Situ Technology

  • Fast assay development – Three-week turnaround for any new target.
  • Ultimate sensitivity – Single molecule detection in situ.
  • Exquisite specificity – Can distinguish highly homologous genes.
  • Multiplexing capability – Simultaneous detection of multiple targets.
  • Quantitative – Each detected target can be quantified on per cell basis.
  • Colormetric or fluorescent readout – Under bright field or fluorescent microscope.
  • Applicable to all sample types – Exfoliated cells, blood and FFPE specimen.
  • Speed and throughput – Fully automated, walk-away assay.
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